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Products and Services

Enhanced Services and Cost Containment Opportunities
are Real with Cyrca!!

Differing ourselves from other firms choosing to offer certain specialized carve out services and ancillary lines of business, Cyrca is soley dedicated to offering tailored catastrophic products and services.

We create programs specifically designed to reduce your administrative burden, while assuring you get the best care for your members. Our advanced technology solution provides 24.7.365 status information and reporting on all cases. Our expansive provider and insurance carrier relations provide enhanced capabilities for dedicated, customized programs because we recognize that everyone’s needs are different.

Product Portfolio:

Cyrca provides its clients expertise combined with convenience, access to acceptable security, competitive pricing, excellent information/reporting, as well as stability and service. We have extensive experience in the following arenas:

Managed Carve Out Programs

Sophisticated managed transplant and serious trauma programs which include first dollar management of claims.

Marine Medical Management

Around the clock management protection for US flagship vessels worldwide.

Excess of Loss

Designed to reduce catastrophic costs and provide budget protection in a turn key program. Pricing offsets are available due to our first dollar Managed Programs.

Customized Specialty Medical Programs

When typical insurance coverage and programs do not meet service and financial needs, we offer benefit plan design consulting and full actuarial and underwriting support to assist in the development of a plan that is just right for you.

Family Planning Programs

Risk and administration programs available for Catholic risk taking organizations offering family planning benefits.

Let us help you manage the health of your members, so you can manage the health of your business.